Thursday, December 15, 2005

And there it goes

That was it. The last exam of the semester. Differential equations; the hardest of the four. But it's done. Done. Done.

And hey, I got a free monitor out of the deal - it was sitting out in the hall with some other old computer parts with "free to take" on a sign". I would have taken all the stuff but I can only carry so much. And while a 17" CRT isn't the epitome of hugeness anymore, it still gets pretty heavy after a few hundred meters. In retrospect I shouldn't have brought my textbook and binder to the exam; I would have been able to put it in my backpack. But yes, now I have a "new" monitor. It's crappy, old, small, and the blue's almost gone, but hey. Can't argue with a free monitor. And I have it spanned vertically. YOU HEAR THAT CUBE?! I HAVE IT SPANNED VERTICALLY. Of course this is more a matter of practicality than anything; there wasn't anywhere to put it except on top of the tower; and having a horizontal span just wasn't working.

So, now I just need to get a video monitor and I can hook up the RF modulator (yes, dad, I bought an RF modulator - it was only 15 bucks; I couldn't help myself) and I'll have a third screen, albeit with somewhat lower resolution.

Anyone got any old video monitors that you're getting rid of?


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