Thursday, October 13, 2005


I'm currently sitting here waiting for a torrent that's 99.8% finished. It says it needs 20 more minutes. I don't believe it. Seeing as it's been stuck at around 30 hours for, oh, the past two weeks.

But, 99.8%. It's *gotta* be done soon, right? Yeah, let's hope so.

So, today I finally got around to starting assignment 2 for AER 201. Fun, fun, fun... sitting in a lab for hours trying to build a circuit on a breadboard by copying someone who (poorly) copied someone else's circuit that didn't even work in the first place. Hell, I'll probably be the first one to get it running properly. But I didn't finish; I had to leave. If I heard the sound of an electric drill ONE MORE TIME, I would have lost it. Lose it. It means go crazy. Nuts. Insane. Bonzo. No longer in posession of one's faculties. Two fries short of a happy meal. WACKO.

Ah shit, now I've gotta watch Window of Opportunity again. Oh dear.

AHA! "Task Download Completed: Average Rate: 1 kb/s". Considering that it was close to a 2 gigabyte file... well, you do the math. But it's done! I'm thinking that I might now transition to using the laptop for the internet and my main computer solely for gaming... only because it would allow me to unload all those virusscanners and antispyware programs and internet-related windows services that clog up the RAM and eat processing cycles. No virii to worry about; the most secure computer in the world is one that isn't connected, after all.

Sleep time now. I've got a big day of circuitry and copying physics assignments ahead of me.

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

So I went to a family Thanksgiving Lunch thingy yesterday.

Only problem; it wasn't my family. Completely serious. Let me tell you the story.

So it all started out... well, I guess it started out with whoever invented Thanksgiving, and then us Canadians stealing the idea. But anyways, I went home for the long weekend. Took the train. The train, as you might know, is not exactly the epitome of transportation technology. I don't particularily like it, in any case. So imagine my surprise when Mary's parents offer me a ride back to Toronto. This was Saturday night. Sunday I phone Via Rail, cancel my ticket. I then manage to get a communiqué through to Mary; seems I forgot to ask what time they were leaving. 8:15 in the morning. Blast. And I had planned to spend Monday relaxing at home. But hey, can't argue with a free ride; and besides, I could just spend the day relaxing in Toronto instead.

Or not.

Monday morning arrives. Mary and her dad pick me up in their pickup truck. I am informed that her mom is taking a different vehicle. That should have been my first clue as to something being up. "Why is she going too? That seems rather inefficient; driving to Toronto for no reason", I might have asked. But of course, it was too late now. They say that we will be having lunch at the grandparents' house. I thought nothing of this; but hey, now I had a free lunch tacked on to the free trip. As we approach said house (somewhere in the unexplored regions outside of Kitchener), it becomes apparent to me that this isn't just a quick stop for lunch. No, this is a full-blown family get-together.

Oh dear. I can't say that I'm the most sociable person at the best of times; hell, even at my own family reunions I usually find the nearest computer or video game console and spend my time there.

The "social interation" circuits in my brain start warming up in preparation. Unfortunately for me, they don't actually exist.

Back to the story: We get to the house, and yes, there's a bunch of relatives there. I get to go through all the fun introductions. "Cousin so-and-so, this is my boyfriend Kyle." (all the while I'm wincing inside whenever I hear that word; it's still too weird for me. Not complaining or anything, but surreality has been the norm for the past 2 and a half months). "Kyle, this is aunt what's-her-face."

You may notice that I'm not the best with remembering names either. There was a Grandma Mary (same name as my girlfriend; easy to remember), a cousin Emily (I know some Emilys), a cousin... Mark (same as my dad), and I think a cousin Brian or Ryan (or some derivative thereof). Four names out of... hell, how many people were there; must have been around 20... well, that's better than par for me.

So I'm sitting there eating (food was great); and suddenly it hits me. This isn't my family. What was I doing there? Do they now consider me part of their family? That's a pretty scary thought. For lack of anything better to do, I grab another roll and some more potatoes. As I said, the food was great.

Thankfully, Brian/Ryan has just got the sixth season of the Simpsons on DVD for his birthday. This provided a welcome distraction for the younger generation from the increasingly alcohol-fueled goings-on upstairs. The Simpsons is a funny show. There was an awkward moment or two, mostly when Mary and I were on the couch; cnuggled together like... two people that are snuggled together... and her mom comes down the stairs. Weirded me out, but neither of them seemed to think anything of it. Fine by me.

Oh, and there was at least one of those (inevitable, i suppose), jokes about marriage. For a guy that's never dated before; and has now only been going out with someone for a couple of months, that's a pretty scary thing to hear. Oh, side note: my parents met in second year university. Gee, guess which year I'm currently in. They were kind enough to point that out before the summer was even over. Thanks, mom and dad, for that.

Anyways, it seems I've been completely accepted into their family. Sure it's nice, but... things certainly do seem to be happening at an ever-increasing rate. Maybe I'm riding that exponential curve that I'm always talking about (that was for TECHNOLOGY, dammit!). And if they (and everyone else) could refrain from using the m-word for... a couple of years at least, that'd be nice.

On a completely unrelated note (other than the fact that it was during a game of Katamari Damacy with Mary that I noticed the similarities between the HL2 rollermines and a katamari), I got bored and made a YTMND today:
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