Thursday, September 22, 2005

Aha, I have to go to class

Well, actually a tutorial; but last week I went and there wasn't one. Do I go? Yeah, I probably should. But it's alll the way dowwwwn in the Waaaaallberg building... it's like 800 meters away... I guess that means I should get going.

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

First Update in a while...

Apparently I haven't written anything here since August 2. I'm actually amazed that I posted anything then, considering that I broke both of my arms on July 29th... typing was a real pain, literally and figuratively.

So, new news. I have a girlfriend. Hah, do I dare append the word "finally" onto that sentence? Five years, multiple failed attempts... and it all worked out in the end. Mary and I have been dating for almost two months (tomorrow is our two-month "anniversary", if you will), and we are still very much a happy couple. She's at York University, which is less than 15 kilometers away, so I get to see her pretty much whenever I want. It's awesome.

Other then that... well, I've already covered the breaking of my arms... yeah, I tripped and fell at work and somehow landed as to fracture both my radius bones right up near the elbow. Woot for WSIB (and the money that they're still sending me; suckers).

And I'm back at school for another year of Engineering Science... other than differential equations and thermal chemistry, I'm finding most of it to be pretty easy so far. The differential equations and thermal chemistry are giving me quite a time though. Oooh! Design projects! This year, we actually get to... build stuff. Sure, last year we built a bridge... out of bristol board... but this year we build machines that actually do something. I'm hoping that my previous experience with design projects at Shad Valley (and also my knowledge of industrial machines that I was in the process of acquiring at the time that I broke my arms) will come in handy.

Since I've been back at school, I've rekindled my love of Stargate that laid dormant for most of the summer (interesting sidenote: it was during a three-hour Stargate: Atlantis marathon [in HD, it rocked] that I decided to ask Mary out. Therefore I am indebted to the creators of Stargate - maybe I'll stop pirating all the episodes and buy the DVDs). I burned 28 DVDs full of Stargate, all in one day. That was a fun day. Then you realize that 28 DVDs is about 130 gigabytes. Even puts my porn collection to shame.

I met someone a couple of weeks ago that has a better computer than I do. That made me sad. But I suppose I couldn't stay on top forever... my computer reigned supreme for more than a year; that's more than anyone could ever ask. I suppose a few upgrades couldn't hurt; but to bring my processor up to the current cutting-edge would require a new motherboard, which in turn would require a new graphics card (I should have gone with PCI-E)... then I'd need a better power supply, and basically the point is that by the time I'm done I'd have basically bought a new computer. And since this one cost over $4000 when I got it last year, that's not likely to happen. Maybe if I win the lottery (though I'm not stupid enough to play the lottery, so that isn't particularily likely either). Or if I convince the WSIB to send me checks for the next month or so.

Oh, and I printed out almost a million digits of pi and stuck it on my wall. And I have the big LED sign in my room.
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