Wednesday, May 11, 2005

New Post

Well, I came across this interesting story about self-replicating robots, and I figured it warranted a new blog post. Unfortunately, this wasn't included in my technology prediction list that I posted here back in January. Oh well. Perhaps it's time to revise my "exponential technological progression" chart.

10,000,000 years ago: spoken language
1,000,000 years ago: fire and homes
100,000 years ago: social structures, simple machines (mostly the wheel)
10,000 years ago: cities, civilizations, written language
1,000 years ago: gunpowder and the steam engine
100 years ago: radio, airplanes, computers, and nuclear power
10 years ago: the internet and sequence the human genome
1 year ago: working nanotech and commercial space travel
0.1 years ago: computers faster than the human brain, computers controlled
directly from the brain
0.01 years ago: self-replicating robots

Now, obviously I'm not expecting this trend to continue and have a phenominal scientific breakthrough in the next 10 hours, but it is interesting.


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