Saturday, April 02, 2005

My Love/Hate Relationship with Technology

For those of you who know me, you know that I'm somewhat of a gadget freak, as well as a computer nerd. My gadgets are all becoming rather outdated, mostly due to the fact that I spent way too much money on this computer. It's a sign of greatness that nearly a year after you purchase a computer it's still pretty much cutting-edge technology. Sure, I could do with more RAM and a bigger hard drive, but my AMD Atlon 64 3400+ and GeForce 6800 GT are pretty much future-proof for now. Yes, I love my computer.

Where the hate comes in is when something doesn't work right. Think of the printer from "Office Space". In my case, my computer has been slowing down due to the accumulation of junk with no reformatting, my Palm Pilot cradle won't communicate with the USB port any more, and just now I tried to buy a drink from the vending machine and it ate my money. Grrr....

I still believe, of course, that technological progress is for the better (and while I could get into a huge philosophical debate about this, courtesy of my "Science and Social Issues" class, I won't). I just hope everything is a bit more reliable once we enter the nanotech age. What happens when whatever smart-fog object you're currently using crashes and turns to dust? How about when your medical nanobots contract a virus of their own and shut down your heart? Well, these are problems for the future (the near future, but still the future).

Oh, that "poem" I posted a couple of days ago wasn't written by me; what, you think I actually write poetry? Poems are for goths and self-absorbed arts students, of which I am neither. Actually my computer wrote it, after I fed a bunch of old chat history files into a natural language parsing program. Fun stuff.


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