Saturday, April 30, 2005

Happy Birthday to No-one in Particular

Weird, eh? I was trying to think of a title and that's the first thing that popped into my head. Sometimes I wonder about the state of my own sanity. Ah well. If I were going to go insane, it would have happened long before now.

So anyways, I'm back home... the two weeks that I thought I was going to get a break; nope, I'm working in the factory again. AGAIN. I hate that place, and last year when I left I thought I was rid of it. But nope, I come home and my dad says "so I got you a job working at Autotube again", and all I can say is "uhh... thanks.... that's great..." Believe it or not, they made me come into work TODAY. A SATURDAY. I don't care WHAT planet you're from, that's not even right. Randall had the right idea... "I wasn't even supposed to *BE* here today!"

But god forbid that I would get two weeks off. Oh no, I wouldn't possibly need a break after those hellish exams. Not that this job is particularily taxing in either physical or mental respects; the problems with it are much simpler: 1. it's mind-numbingly boring, and 2. it eats into my sleeping time. Seriously though, after coming in this morning at 6:00... it was horrible. Then the CNC tube bender (I just call it "Bender") that I was working on actually threw a tube at me while I wasn't looking. Call me paranoid, but the damn robot was supposed to just DROP the tube on the floor... I was standing too far away for it to have bounced, and it hit me in the back of the leg. Then it tried to bite me; I was reaching near its arm (which wasn't supposed to be moving) and it jerked back and tried to take my hand off. @&*(&*(!!#()! machines....

Jeez I have to stop talking about that. What to talk about... I suppose it doesn't really matter. This blog has faded into the obscurity which 99.99% of all blogs fall into. Not surprising really. Do people actually read these things? Bah.


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