Friday, April 15, 2005

Absolute Insanity

I don't know if I'm being malnourished or what (which probably isn't a bad guess, I haven't eaten a fruit or vegetable in months), but my body has been stubbornly uncooperative lately. I'm tired all the time; and yet at the same time it takes me hours to get to sleep at night. Last night I promised myself I would get up at 10:00 to study for my chem exam, and I didn't end up waking up until noon (and even then, it took a supreme effort of willpower to get out of bed). Convincing myself to study has been difficult too; I'm pretty sure I just failed chem. Oh well. I'll put it down to malnourishment, in which case it will be swiftly cured once I get home. But for now it's kind of scary that I match all the symptoms of mercury poisoning. I've been drinking tap water lately; hopefully there isn't *too* much mercury in there. Besides, where I live at home, our tap water is pulled from a river that literally had pure mercury coating the bottom not even 30 years ago. Fun stuff. Then there's "Safety-Kleen" (or Clean Harbours, as it's called now), which is some sort of hazardous chemical disposal facility; it's some two minutes from my house. Whenever you get rid of batteries, that's where they go. Real nasty place, it is.

Anyways, as I mentioned, I just had my chem exam, which I'm pretty sure I failed. Ever look at an exam and think "holy crap, I don't know any of this"? Well, that's about what I did. But I suppose, I thought the same thing about the midterm, and I passed that. So there's still hope. In any case, I only have to get about a 40% on the exam to pass the course. Not that I'd want to cut it that close, of course.

Remember those couple of photomosaics I posted here back in October or so? I've got an idea for a new one; it should be pretty cool. If I can get the photomosaic software working, that is. Last time I tried it, it got stuck at 3% and was there for about 15 minutes before I got mad at it and shut it off. Admittedly, the mosaics take a crapload of time to complete, but not quite that long. And really, you can only rationalize so many trillions of operations before it just gets out of hand (speaking of which, I calculated how many floating point operations my computer has contributed to the protein folding thing: it's on the order of 74,000,000,000,000,000 or 74 quadrillion operations)


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