Saturday, January 01, 2005

Kyle's Technology Predictions for 2005

Here they are; check back in December to see how they pan out.

-Huygens successfully lands on Titan, and sends back proof of complex organic molecules
-computers will advance to the point where they have more processing capability than humans
-fully functional "butler robots" will start being sold, with voice recognition, facial recognition, and the ability to cook, clean, repair stuff, etc.
-holographic projectors will start becoming mainstream
-the space tourism industry will begin to grow exponentially
-quantum computers will surpass the speed of regular computers
-a functioning nanobot will be constructed that can run simple programs, move around, and pick up and drop different types of atoms
-brain implants will become advanced enough to create a "Matrix" of sorts
-optical storage will be developed that will allow over 2 terabytes of storage on a single disc
-the final merger of cell phones, PDAs, mp3 players, digital cameras, projectors, camcorders, and handheld gaming systems will take place


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