Sunday, November 07, 2004

I Have Officially Graduated From High School.

That's right, last night was my graduation. Despite the guest speaker calling us the class of 2003, and the guy beside me on the stage grabbing my ass, it went pretty well. I recieved a grand total of 10 awards (though I could have had even more), which got me the title of "the person who won the most awards". As for the party afterwards (it goes without saying that you party after graduation), it was nothing to complain about either. Though I didn't get laid, I still managed to have a good time. And then today I spent two hours on the train with a former crush of mine... but that's another story.

Speaking of trains, whoever organizes the rail schedule must be brain-dead. Ever since I proved to myself that a monkey could get a train to its destination on time without much effort, I figured that it must be the scheduling that sucks. And indeed that's what it is. I don't know how many times the train actually had to stop and wait for other trains to pass, but it was quite excessive. Any idiot with two weeks of CSC 181 experience could write a program in 5 minutes that could schedule trains better than whatever dolt (or team of dolts) does it at the Via headquarters. I suppose nobody has ever told them that trains are most efficient when they aren't stopping and starting every five minutes. If I wanted that, I would have driven. But the ultimate solution, of course, is to simply rip up the rails and replace the trains with a mag-lev system. Sure, the cost runs up into the millions of dollars per kilometer, but I would be willing to bet that people would pay good money for a trip at 600 km/h. The tracks and trains would pay for themselves in 20 years or less, I'm sure of it.


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