Saturday, November 27, 2004

I Have Absolutely Nothing To Write About

So why, you might ask, am I posting something here? Well, I suppose there are two reasons for that. On reason is that I am sick of doing homework, and need a break. The second reason is that I don't want all my loyal readers (yah, all 2 of you) to think that I've died or something.

I really need to stop posting everything on Massassi that I find interesting, and start using my blog for what it's supposed to be used for. You'll notice that I refrained from posting "Give Bush a Brain", "Transformer Car", and "Jet-Propelled Outhouse" on here. Perhaps if I put them here instead of on the Massassi forums, I would get more visitors. Of course, the forums are also my main source of visitors, so I need to create lots of threads and post a whole bunch in order to get new visitors. I guess that's what's called a "Catch-22".

But I truly am bereft of any ideas for what to put here. Perhaps I should emulate 50% of the blogs that I find around here... please don't take this too seriously:

LoL gUyZ wUtz uP?!! mY nAmE Iz cAsEy aNd this iS my 1St pOsT oN mY bl0g!!!!1~~~~~ i'M 14 aNd i hAvE lOtZ uV gR8 fRenZ!!11~~` yAh U nO wHo u aRe!!!```~~~!!1 lol kAte yAh U 2~~~~~````!!@!!!!

Of course, then there's the other 50% of the blogs:

Life Sucks:

Current Mood: Suicidal

I've noticed that ever since turning 15, everyone seems to hate me. I'm so alone. It feels like I'm falling into a pit of despair. my parents don't care about me, and I wish they would die. but I want to kill myself too. i'm so depressed. my life will never get better. i'm seriously considering suicide. the reason i feel like this right now is because my g/f broke up with me last week. we had been going out for almost three days, and i was in love with her. and now she broke my heart, and i want her to die. i want everyone to die. i cut my wrists last night, just to see what would happen. it was kind of scary, but i want to do it again, and more. one day i'm going to take the knife and cut my throat with it, so i can watch myself bleed... and die... i wrote a poem about it

the hurt is unbearable
i can't take it
lost in a sea of evil
swimming in pain

life is pain
death is escape
can i bring death on myself?
i look at the world
and realize i must

By the way, when I become a billionaire, I am going to personally hunt down anyone who puts stuff like this on the internet, and punish them for their hideous waste of server space.


Blogger SweetestSiren said...

don't worry, we understand that you have a life away from the computer. ;)

~loyal reader #2

1:31 AM  

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