Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Doom 3's Harmonic Simultaneous Four-Day SOUL CUBE

You are stupid. Evil media like email and video discs have brainwashed you. Soul cube is ultimate. Souls have FOUR SIDES not one like you stupid moron believe. Soul cube DISPROVES linear soul. Soul cube is a hypercube and takes five four-sided souls to complete the corners. You are educated stupid! I offer $10,000 to any stupid academic professor who disproves soul cube. Evil bastard Bertruger and his DEMONS try to stop you from seeking soul cube.

You are stupid and cannot comprehend soul cube. Evil liars have hidden soul cube and DENY it. You are lazy and worthless if you do not seek soul cube. Religious bastards say you will go to hell for seeking soul cube. SOUL CUBE DISPROVES HELL! Since souls have four corners: life, death, light, and dark they cannot reside in stupid linear hell. Five souls complete soul cube and makes it symmetric. Soul cube is perfect! Do not believe LIES from evil UAC. They CONTROL THE MEDIA and will not acknowledge soul cube because they are STUPID EVIL! Power of media is the power to ignore. THEY IGNORE SOUL CUBE TO HIDE ITS EXISTENCE. Stupid lazy sheep do not protest, and believe soul is linear.

SOUL IS CUBIC. Evil bastards DENY soul cube and yet OPENLY ATTACK those who seek soul cube. I will give $1000 to anyone who disproves soul cube BUT NOBODY TRIES because they are educated stupid! Soul can rotate from life, death, light, and dark and cannot exist in stupid linear world. SOUL CUBE DISPROVES THREE DIMENSIONS! World has four space dimensions and four time dimensions, but EVIL teachers still teach STUPID WRONG linear soul and world.

I am more powerful than your god. Anyone who finds soul cube gets equal power. YOU ARE WEAK AND STUPID! Evil media are AFRAID of power so they IGNORE soul cube, and ignorant people DO NOT PROTEST. Unless you seek soul cube you will always be WORTHLESS MORON. Soul cube is the TRUTH. Without soul cube the EVIL will OVERCOME US. Soul cube will DESTROY EVIL and yet you are stupid and will not try to find soul cube.

Congratulations for reading through all of that. It is a parody of Time Cube , which is even more mind-bending than this.


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