Sunday, November 14, 2004

3 AM Pizza, and More Fun With Road Cones

Last night, me and my roommate decided to go get pizza at 3 in the morning. There's never a bad time for pizza (a sentiment that is shared by many, judging by the number of people who seemed to be getting pizza at the same time as us), so we set off on our arduous trek to the pizzeria. Halfway there, we noticed two guys lining up road cones across the street. I have a picture of this, but unfotunately Adobe Photoshop refuses to co-operate when I want to do such hard tasks as "opening a file". I suppose I could just use the Gimp, but that would mean figuring out it's user-unfriendly, multi-window interface. And right now I'm feeling too lazy for that. Maybe I should just post the photos at their full 1600*1200 resolution? Maybe later.

Anyways, after the funny randomness of the road cones, we witnessed a garbage truck driving by - with a broom glued to the side. I kid you not. I have a picture of this as well.


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