Monday, October 11, 2004

My First Mobile Blog Entry

Coming to you (almost) live from an obsolete Palm M505 handheld computer.

Well, I'm on a train, heading back to the big city of Toronto, after a weekend of... interesting things. Being a farm boy, I had fun as only a hick could. Lets see... driving around in an old pickup truck (as drunk guys throw beer bottles out the window), check. Having a bush bash with my buddies, check. Going to the fair, check. Gotta love the rural life.

Saturday night was actually quite an interesting night. That was the night of the bush party. After my friends were relatively inebriated, we all piled into my truck and went to crash another party. We got there around 2:30 in the morning. Not much "crashing" actually took place, but we did steal some lightbulbs, and left an old tire under someone's car for them to run over in the morning. And I took some pictures. After that, we proceeded to drive to a convenience store to buy some food. And wouldn't you know, but the mother of one of the girls from the party we had just left was working there. Honestly, it seemed pretty funny at the time.

On Sunday night, I had my family Thanksgiving dinner, which was nice. Today, I went to the Brigden Fair. It wasn't as much fun as last year, though that is probably because last year I was at the fair for all three days, and I went to at least two parties. But it was good nonetheless.

It has just come to my attention that there was some sort of minor disturbance as I was writing this. The guy sitting two seats up from me on the left side appears to not be enjoying the ride. Something seems to have happened, but I missed whatever it was. Maybe he is just pissed off because the train is late. Oh well.

Anyways, it's back to the University (and back to work) for me.

Oh, and 56k modems suck. Hard.


I just got an e-mail from the webmaster of Brigden Fair, thanking me for linking to the site. Also, he told me that the actual attendance numbers were closer to 50,000. Either I forgot a zero, or I was just thinking of the number of people who are there are any given time. But yah, the fair is awesome.


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