Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Damn Clouds...

Why is it that whenever there is a major astronomical event, it is always cloudy and therefore I can't see it? Meteor showers, Mercury being visible, opposition of Mars, etc. And now the total lunar eclipse. Armed with my trusty digital camera, I trekked up to the top of the tallest building in a half-mile radius, which happened to be the physics/astronomy building here on campus. They had two telescopes set up; one with a motor that kept it pointing at the moon, and another that was not motorized. Due to the clouds, all that was visible in the motorized one was a smudge of light (mostly due to reflection off the clouds). The other one had been moved so we could watch the people on the observation deck of the CN tower. In any case, it wasn't a total disappointment, because I got some pictures of the city at night that will do quite well for my desktop background.


Blogger Jon said...

I feel your pain (on blocked Astronomy.) Florida is supposed to be the "Sunshine" state, and therefore by default the starshine state also? Yeah, right. Rain. Every... single... time. Oh, and these little windstorms us ex-Yankees hear are called "Hurricanes." YEah.
I feel your pain. Too much bad weather to even see the light pollution this year. Surprised to hear you can see anything up there; I remember as a child being able to see the light from Canada across the Great Lakes, all the way to Buffalo and Niagara Falls.
Would love to see your pics of the City.

12:29 AM  
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