Sunday, September 26, 2004

Wrong Rooms, Chinese Convenience Stores, and Movie Stars

So, yesterday (or rather, Friday), I go to my Engineering Design tutorial with my fully completed assignment. I'm all ready to hand it in as I walk towards the room, but suddenly I see that there is nobody there, and the door is locked. Shit. I had forgotten that I was supposed to go to a different room. But damn if I have no idea where this "different room" is. I at least have a pretty good idea what building it is in. So I walk over to the building, and begin looking. I look into every room on the first floor. Nothing. I walk up to the second floor and begin the same process. Anyways, after I had just begun searching the second floor, I found someone who was doing the same thing I was. However, they had already looked on that floor, and so we deduced that it was probably on the third floor. So up to the third floor we go, and at last, we get to the tutorial. Just in time to see the demonstration of stress and strain on a steel wire. Which, in other words, means weighting it down until it finally snaps. Which was cool. But what was even cooler is that we got our first quiz back. And I pulled off a sweet 100%. Score!

Later on that day, after my final class, I decided that I would go shopping. You see, there were two things that I desperately needed: duct tape, and CD-Rs. Actually I needed neither of these things, but I figured they might come in handy. So from my last class, I began walking south, because I vaguely remembered seeing some stores an unknown distance away from the university in a somewhat southerly direction. Anyways, after being detoured away from my planned path by some construction, I found myself walking through some sort of residential area. But, I thought, if I continued walking straight, I would eventually get to a store. And indeed I did. However, by this time, I was right in the heart of Chinatown. I entered a convenience store, hoping to find duct tape and recordable CDs. I found the duct tape, but when I asked the store clerk "Do you sell CD-Rs?", she thought I asked "Do you know how to get to city hall?". I had a hell of a time trying to explain that I wanted "A compact disk that your computer can record on", and finally she found me a box of 10 CD-Rs. However, I was looking for a bit more than 10, and I was not going to shell out the $15 bucks it was going to cost for the 10-pack. So, I left, and began walking north. Eventually, I went to the university bookstore and bought a 100-pack there. Problem solved.

Today (or rather yesterday), I went to visit my Aunt Suzanne in Scarborough. We went out to walk her dog, and she told me how the other day, she was walking through the park, and there was a big setup for filming a movie. Apparently, parts of the upcoming movie "Cinderella Man" (IMDb it, lazy ass) are being shot in that park, which is meant to look like New York's Central Park in the 1930's. Anyways, to make a long story short, my aunt met the director Ron Howard. So that's kind of cool. However, I can beat that, because I personally met the guy who played "Extreme Sports Punk #1" in Harold and Kumar Go To White Castle. He works with my uncle; they run a skateboarding store. He's a cool guy; he gave me stickers for the store which are now residing on my refridgerator and dresser. You should check out their website here . And no, I'm not getting paid for advertising it...


I have just been personally informed that a girl thinks I am "cute". Sweet!

*And now, back to your regular broadcast.*

Anyways, I actually met the guy a couple of weeks ago, at which time I had no idea that he was in the movie. Although, he did look really familiar when I met him. I only found out tonight that he was in the movie when my unvle was driving me back to the residence. So when I got back here, I checked it out on IMDb, and sure enough, there he was. I also checked to see what other movies were filmed in Toronto. And there were quite a few. There were even some that were filmed right here at the university (most recently, the movie "Mean Girls"). But the most famous would definitely have to be "Good Will Hunting", which not only was filmed here on campus, but parts of it were filmed right in this residence. Room 206, if I remember correctly. I was down there the other night, and the girl who lives in that room told me about it. So that's pretty neat. I actually have never seen the movie Good Will Hunting; I think I may watch that after this.


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