Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Liquid N2 Containers, The Future of Space Flight, and Shaun of the Dead

This morning, I got to sleep in, so I was happy. My physics lab is only every other week, and this was my off week. But being the off week, it meant that I had to hand in my written up physics lab from last week. Now, I knew the room where the TA has his office where I was supposed to hand it in. It's FINDING the room that is the hard part. It was in the basement of McLennan Physical Laboratories, and the basement is an absolute maze. I swear, it was designed with confusion in mind. I wandered around in the basement for a good 20 minutes before is finally got to the room. Every room I walked by had some sort of warning sign on the door. There were three large tanks of liquid nitrogen sitting out in the hall. I think they were empty, because they weren't cold. It had a big "DANGER: LASER RADIATION" sign on the door, and there was a box where we were to hand in our completed labs. And then began the arduous task of finding my way OUT of the basement. I don't think I have ever seen that many warning signs in one place before. Honestly, do we really need to be warned of an "intense magnetic field"? Oh well. It was some excitement (not much really) in an otherwise dull day.

Later on in the day, I came across an interesting article about some rich guy who is starting up a space company that will take paying passengers up into space. It's nothing new, I suppose, but he is planning on having commercial space flights in three years. And with enough profit, he is then planning orbital flights, space hotels, and possibly flights to the Moon. Cool. They can count me in, that's for sure.

I also *ahem* acquired the movie "Shaun of the Dead". If you like crazy British humour, then this movie is for you. It is one of the most hilarious things I have seen in the past couple of days (ever since I last watched Harold and Kumar). I highly recommend it.


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